Wayne Pearson joined WSL Advisory in August 2021 as the Tax Manager. His goal is to create a culture of proactive thinking to ensure compliance and tax efficiency for clients and to ensure team motivation and quality service delivery.

He first realised his passion for tax as a pre-graduate student after failing his midyear exam in 2015. He saw this as an area for growth, not just to specialise in various fields, but to challenge himself in a diverse and ever-changing environment. He continued his studies and obtained his BCom Honours Degree in Taxation at the University of Pretoria in 2016. He completed his articles in 2018 and registered as a Tax Advisor at the South African Institute for Tax Professionals.

In the past five years, Wayne worked in the private sector where he obtained experience in various industries in both direct and indirect taxes. He also specialised in taxes for the primary sector such as farming and mining.

Wayne also considers himself a martial arts expert after watching “The karate kid” 56 times and combined this skill with his passion for tax in order to answer the fundamental, yet most important question in finance… tax-on or tax-off?

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